Welcome to our new campaign!

A Dungeons & Dragons game that will use numerous Wizard of the Coast adventures from various editions. I’ve updated everything to 5th edition and adapted them to fit into the ‘big picture’.

Now let the chaos begin…

July 12, 734

Today, I received news that the rumors are true, the visions have returned. She is reaching out to her faithful. We must be ready. The Dragon Queen has been quiet for far too long.

Entry from a Unknown Traveler’s Diary

The Heroes of Saltmarsh


March 19, 735

Spring came early this year, and with the opening of the trade routes and shipping lanes, the life blood of Saltmarsh. Ships and caravans headed north carrying much need supplies to Whalebone, Torst and the Copperhold mining camps. Soon ore barges and merchant ships would return south towards Heldann heavy with dwarven metal and northern trade goods.

Saltmarsh is also the launching point for eastbound overland northern trade. Shipments leave for Hommlet, Nulb, and beyond on a regular basis. The Shadow Valley Trail has been safe for the better part of a decade, until now. Of the three caravans sent since the thaw only one made it through and even they suffered casualties. And just last week, a group of travelers were ambushed by kobolds on their way through the Valley.

There’s trouble brewing in Saltmarsh, the locals are up in arms about the attacks, the town doesn’t have the manpower to fix the problem, and prices are on the rise. Now, the town is looking for somebody to put a stop to the attacks, and they are willing to pay in coin.

Our cast of characters:

The Dragon Queen's Gambit