Vailen Misalo

Player: Alain (in trust with Ken)

Race: Human

Class: Ranger (Rogue)

Level: 1

Character Sheet: PDF – not ready yet


Born in a quite glade dedicated to Melora on the southern edge of the Greenpeaks, Vailen came into this world on the road and spent most of his childhood traveling from town to town with his mother, a performer of some renown. Life with his mother was good, but he grew tired of the feast halls and inns, something was missing. Once he was old enough to leave his mother’s side, Vailen wandered up and down the North Coast for the better part of a year, until he finally landed in Saltmarsh. For the most part he tried avoiding the life he’d left behind, but when he needed coin, he would return to the inns, where he soon discovered that he was better suited for throwing rowdies out than serving them drinks.

Over the next few years Vailen lived day to day, carefree, working for when he had to, spending most of his time watching the townsfolk come and go. That all changed ten years ago, during the summer of the Great Raid, when the town came under attack by the Brokenspear Goblins; many people died, some were his friends, he needed to do something. So before summer’s end Vailen had joined the town militia and in the spring he was recruited by the City Watch. He reached the rank of sergeant before transferring to the City Stalkers, an elite branch of the watch, where he received two commendations for bravery.

Then on a stormy night a young man came looking for Vailen, claiming to have news about his mother. After a short meeting the young man left, disappearing into the storm. And after six years of service to the city and its citizens, Vailen left the watch and headed east, looking for answers. What he found darken his soul. Ever since then Vailen has haunted the Greenpeaks searching for both forgiveness and vengeance.

Vailen Misalo

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