Player: Marie-Chantal

Race: Dragonborn

Class: Fighter

Level: 1

Character Sheet: PDF


Since as far back as Balasar could remember, his father told him stories about the Heroes of Arkhosia, provincial intrigue, and the great clans. The empire had fallen over two thousand years ago, but the tales were still being told. It was a father’s duty to tell the tales of old, the elders called then ‘echoes of a fallen empire’. And it was believed that as long as the echoes lived so did the empire, but the echo had become only a whisper; of the one hundred and twenty clans that made the northern province their home, only fourteen remained, scattered throughout the Wyvernwatch Mountains. Balasar spent his youth high in the mountains at the Red Ore mining compound, a walled settlement built in the shadow of an ancient temple. As the son of a swordsmith he grew up around the forge, learning the trade and listening to the smiths swap stories of hardship and high adventure. Balasar was a promising student and a good worker, but his heart wasn’t in it. Whenever he could he would disappear into the mountain to wander the ancient halls, exploring the ruins, searching for anything that may have been forgotten. One day while he was on one of his expeditions Balasar found a curious inscription on the back wall of a great hall that hinted of a hidden passage somewhere nearby. After almost a full day of searching his patience finally paid off, he had found something, something forgotten. As the stone door slid away, light spilled into a tiny alcove, possibly for the first time in centuries. Hidden in the shadows was simple stone alter, a pair of books and a small bronze medallion, artifacts from a time the stories had forgotten. It was a glorious find. Over the next few weeks Balasar returned to the hall several times to escape the excitement of his newly found fame. While he was deep in the ruins surrounded by the mountain, Balasar came to a troubling conclusion – the empire was dead. His people were living in the past; hoping the stories of old would one day resurrect the empire. He knew they were wrong, his people needed to find a new place in the world, they needed new stories to tell.


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